We have been hard at work and we are finally ready to present you with what we have been working on. In a nutshell Ionic Labs is a platform that enables researchers carry out high performance molecular simulations without the hustle of acquiring the computing power and setting up the simulation software. Our platform enables you to set up all these at the click of a button and carry out molecular simulations online straight from your web browser.

For our new users you can sign up here after which you will receive your sign up details in-order to create an account. Our test accounts are based on workstations (pods) that run on a 2 core compute optimized machines.

Creating your first Molecular simulations pod (workstation)

  1. Access your account from our sign in page here.

  2. Create a workstation using the pod creation wizard.

    workstation wizard

  3. Access your newly created workstation from the info box by clicking on access pod button.

    workstation card

  4. You will be presented with a standard linux shell terminal as shown in the image below. Each workstation comes pre-installed molecular simulation software. For the Gromacs workstation type gmx on the terminal to get started.

    workstation dashboard

  5. Also each workstation comes with its own file explorer through which you can easily upload or edit your files by right clicking on the items on the explorer column. Each file uploaded is instantly available on your ssh terminal workspace shown above.

    workstation file explorer

  6. For those of you who would like to edit the generated or uploaded files you can do so by double clicking on the file which opens a file editor tab as shown below. workstation file editor

The next steps

We are constantly adding new features and improving the workflow on our platform. As of now we are offering online Gromacs based molecular simulations and in the coming months we will be adding more simulation software packages.

You can get in touch with us at support[at]ioniclabs.io for any queries.

Have fun!!