We now ready to announce our latest offering at Ionic Labs, Simulation Job Queues

Creating your first Job

  1. Access your account from our sign in page here.

  2. Click on the New Job button to launch the job creation wizard.

    workstation wizard

  3. After creating your job you will be presented with a job’s list which shows a summary of your job and most importantly the job status. Please see below the different job status

    1. Queued: The job has been created and queued for processing.
    2. Processing: The job is now being processed by our system
    3. Running: The job has been scheduled on our infrastructure and is now runnning
    4. Finished: The job has now complete successfully.
    5. Command error: There was an error with the issued job command. The error is logged in the stderror_output.txt file
    6. Error: There was a system error
  4. You will be notified via email when the job completes. From the job’s list click on you job inorder to download and view the output files. A sample output is shown below.

    workstation dashboard

You can get in touch with us at support[at]ioniclabs.io for any queries.

Have fun!!